The perfect face of Marlene Favela without makeup or a single wrinkle

Mexico.- One of the most remembered actresses on Mexican television is Marlene favela, who managed to steal the hearts of many for his charisma, talent, personality and beauty, with which he continues to surprise today 44 years old.

And it is that her beauty is unique and has always been unleashed, but without makeup it is completely different, leaving many speechless. Through your profile Instagram, Marlene shared a photo without a single drop of makeup and the comments were immediate.

The soap opera star boasted a face free of wrinkles or imperfections, receiving the best compliments for looking like a doll with a porcelain face, showing that the passage of time has not taken its toll on her.

The perfect face of Marlene Favela without makeup or a single wrinkle

On Instagram, the little girl’s mother Bella Seely She surprised by showing off her face free of beauty products and simply dazzling with her great beauty, making it clear why she is a queen and is still very loved by the public.

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From the sea, Marlene Favela decided to reveal that beautiful natural face. The comments could not wait and there were even celebrities who fell in love with her incredible beauty and left her some nice words in the comments section.


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