The novel La Niña del Hematoma is presented in Sinaloa

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The renowned Sinaloan doctor Javier E. Peñuelas Cota, debuted in the literary world with the novel The girl with the bruise, which was presented on Friday evening in the Dialogue Room of the YOU in Los Mochis, within the framework of the México en la Piel program.

The recent book was commented on by doctors Rebeca Grajales, Marco Julio Carlón Riveros and lawyer Feliciano García.

The event brought together a large audience interested in learning about this moving story, which at the end enthusiastically applauded the presentation of the work, recognizing the author’s ability in its narrative.

The teacher Rosa Irma Peñuelas, executive director of Impulsora de la Cultura y de las Artes IAP gave the welcoming remarks, thanking all attendees for their presence at the presentation of this interesting book that is part of the program of activities for the month of September. on the premmises.

The history

Set in 1986 in Mexico, La Niña del Hematoma is a harsh criticism of the health system.

The book tells the sensitive story of Margarita, a 9-year-old indigenous girl who lives in a place at the top of the mountains and who falls and hits her head on the way to school, thus initiating a long pilgrimage of the sick girl. and his mother through towns, cities, clinics and hospitals in search of medical attention.

The feeling and passion of the author are reflected in the narrative of this work, which at the moment of reading become a delight for the soul and a gift for the spirit.

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Doctors Rebeca Grajales and Carlos Julio Carlón Riveros, as well as lawyer Feliciano Castro acted as commentators on this literary work that is a harsh criticism of the health system, a story set in Mexico in 1986.

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