The National Museum of Interventions will celebrate its 40th anniversary in style

In the same place where the lordship of Huitzilopochco (place or house of Huitzilopochtli) settled, and later it was a convent, military barracks and scene of one of the most agonizing battles between Mexicans and Americans in 1847, the National Museum of Interventions (MNI), whose 40th anniversary it is celebrated this monday September 13th.

As of today, says the director of the MNI, Cecilia Genel Velasco, thanks to the legacy of previous owners and promoters of the site, as well as the workers, its philanthropists and the public that visits it, is that its continuity as a cultural enclave, educational and community, is guaranteed.

“Forty years are said to be easy for the youngest national museum in our country, which revolves around a complex and specific issue such as interventionism,” he indicates, referring to the fact that these last years marked by the health contingency have meant a strengthening in the museum’s relations with its community, but pending issues are still recognized.

One of them, he explains, is the updating of some spaces that explain to audiences what they consist of and how concepts such as intervention, sovereignty, freedom, homeland or territory are present in our reality.

It is precisely in this desire for renewal that the MNI plans the inauguration, in August of next year, of a new room that will bear the name of the August 20 Memorial, to emphasize what the site of Churubusco was and meant; at the same time, this room will be the first with total accessibility in the enclosure, and will bring together historical works and avant-garde multimedia resources.

Commemorative program

The MNI will begin its commemorations this Monday, September 13 at 10:00 a.m., broadcasting from its Facebook page a video about 10 key moments in its history as a museum space and historical site.

This tour, Cecilia Genel points out, will allow us to make a synthesis of the achievements obtained, revitalizing the traditions of the town of Churubusco, such as the parade in honor of those who died in the Battle of Churubusco, which had fallen into disuse, but which for 13 years it is carried out uninterruptedly, adapting even to the context of the contingency due to Covid-19, since in the last two years it has been developed virtually.

Later, at 3:00 p.m., the Bagpipe Band of the San Patricio Battalion, whose headquarters has been the museum itself for 23 years, will offer a virtual concert alluding to the celebration.

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Finally, at 5:00 pm, there will be a discussion table around the book “A refuge during the war of ’47.”

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