The national atmosphere is breathed in the city of Los Mochis!

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- The homeland environment arrived and breathes in every corner of the city of Los Mochis.

In the streets, commercial establishments, in homes, vehicles, offices and even in the clothing of citizens, who proudly wear the distinctive green, white and red national colors among their garments and accessories to join the national celebration which has its climax during the Cry of Independence.

And it is that, without a doubt, the month of September invites to remember the heroes who gave homeland, but, above all, this is a month that gives identity to the Mexican, lover of the party and the traditions that accompany him in each era. of the year.

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Proof of this are the dozens of tricycles overflowing with items brought from the center of the country to offer to the people of Ahome and that fill each place where they are installed with life.

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