The most romantic in the county? He serenades his girlfriend to the rhythm of Dragon Ball (VIDEO)

Many women dream of the day their boyfriend serenades them to show their love, and in the last few hours a video has gone viral showing the curious and original serenade that a man took to his girlfriend.

Although the vast majority of anime fans Dragon Ball are men, there is no denying that there are a lot of women who are also big fans of the animation created by Akira Toriyamajust like the woman in the following viral case whose partner surprised her with an original serenade.

It was through the red social TikTok where the video was published in which you can see and hear how a young man had the original idea of ​​serenading his girlfriend but to the rhythm of Dragon Ball songs.

Contrary to the typical songs that the mariachi usually perform and sing in this type of situation, this time the man asked them to surprise his partner with a single that appears in the cartoon whose protagonist is Goku.

It was in this way that the members of the mariachi began to interpret “My enchanted heart”, one of the most popular songs of the Japanese saga. What undoubtedly moved the young woman, just as she did with the thousands of Internet users who reproduced the viral tiktok.

“The moment I found you again, my mind brought to me that beautiful place, which when I was a child was so valuable to me,” the singer intoned in front of the couple.

In the video of barely 30 seconds, you can greatly enjoy the interpretation of My Enchanted Heart, as well as the mariachi adapting the lyrics to the chords of their instruments.

As expected from such an original proposal, the clip went viral very quickly among Internet users, managing to accumulate, so far, more than 1.1 million views, as well as more than 113 thousand “likes” and more than 14 thousand comments.

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In the comment box, many of the Internet users questioned the man if he is really the one to dedicate the Dragon Ball song to him, emphasizing that the piece cannot be dedicated to just anyone.

The most romantic in the county? He serenades his girlfriend to the rhythm of Dragon Ball (VIDEO)

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