The men of the sea are ready

Given the long-awaited lifting of the shrimp ban that will take place on September 14, the state’s fishermen are already fine-tuning the last details with their boats, equipment, engines and everything necessary to go out to catch the crustacean, maintaining the hope that this season they will do well and that they will be able to have that economic respite that they and their families need so much. And it is that although there is still no certification to export shrimp to the United States, it is required that the season begins so that the verifiers come to do the same and return the certification to the country, a situation that also increases the optimism of the so-called men from sea.

It is worth mentioning that last season was not good at all for much of the state, and the fishermen only received support from the state government with the Inspection and Surveillance program, and also with the Marine Motors program, but a large part of them had that they look for other options to obtain the resource they needed to support their families; Some emigrated to the United States, others temporarily changed jobs and, when the date was official, they returned to prepare everything.

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