The mayor of El Fuerte shone yesterday by her absence in the Cry of Independence

The Scream. The mayor who never thought he would be on the balcony of the Municipal Palace on the night of the Scream is the now substitute president of Ahome, Juan Fierro. He has toured various positions since Billy Chapman made him part of their team. Last night he went out to the balcony of the Municipal Palace but only in front of the cameras to comply with the protocol. There was no one, they even put security on the esplanade so that there were no spectators. He was accompanied by nearby officials and special guests. At least the pandemic served to prevent large parties from taking place with groups and feasts, where, as in the Porfirian era, they have divided between those who rule above and the people below.

Other times. After having thrown the house out the window and spending even what was not had, this year the municipal president of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos, simply did not perform the Cry of Independence, with the argument of respecting the sanitary measures established by the authorities in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. While it is true in this municipal seat, the night of the Scream had become a waste of glamor and at the same time very popular, for the same reason it was impossible to control the crowd, but why did it not make it virtual or through social networks like the other mayors? There is no doubt that times have changed.

And the officials? Here in this same column we had said that the municipal president of the municipality of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos, is already asking for a corner, but to leave the Palace on November 1. And still the situation has worsened: sewage, failures in garbage collection, the few works are unfinished, the streets are scratched and the potable water service seems to be a luxury in most rural communities, even in the municipal seat. In addition, they say that the CFE does not take long to once again limit the electricity service to the El Fuerte Drinking Water Board (Japaf) due to the historic and millionaire debt that it has, although others say that they negotiated an extension for November 2 , when the change of powers is already given. The point is that now another problem is added: despite so many problems, officials are playing hide and seek. Nobody finds them. Could it be that they took early vacations or simply decided to leave the seat of power to get used to the fact that they will no longer be able to command, at least not in the municipality?

Bad luck. The opportunity for the Director of Education in Ahome, Theira Gómez Ramos, to say goodbye with a flourish vanished. The covid-19 pandemic did not allow the traditional parade on September 16 to take place and communication with school leaders in the different public education institutions in the municipality seems null. Although the cleaning work in the schools began with the City Council’s management, they had to request support from the National Guard to finish the work because the remnants of the Nora storm caused more work that it was impossible to finish it. personal. Is it simply bad luck from the pandemic?

Complaints rained on him. The one who does not feel the hard but the thick is the general manager of Japama, Hernán Medina Soto. The drainage of the ejido Compuertas, El Colorado, Topolobampo, 20 de Noviembre, among other rural communities, is already deplorable, not to mention that in the city the Ahomenses face the same problem. The funny thing is that it seems that the phones to receive complaints were broken. The complainants began to resort to social networks and the media to publicize their disagreements and see if they reach the right people to attend to them. It remains to be seen if at the end of the day the representative of the paramunicipal does not present a new excuse to justify the problem, such as that “chair” on the parameters that establish the norms that water must have to justify that it is suitable for human consumption.


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