The law will be applied to anyone withholding information: Ahome’s elected trustee

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- For the areas or public officials that refuse or do not correctly deliver the information requested by the Liaison Commission in the delivery-reception process, they will be creditors of administrative responsibility acts, he warned Cecilia Hernandez Flores.

The solicitor Elect from Ahome said that those who will be part of this process have the training and understanding of what information they can and should ask for; therefore, he added that they will be careful on that issue, especially with the response they have from the acting authorities.

“The indication of both the law that speaks of respect and of the elected mayor himself (Gerardo Vargas Landeros) is that we must maintain with all respect for the officials who are in some way right now, the information that is required of them, but the law It is also very clear and obviously if there is a situation in which they do not want to provide information, we can present or promote an act of responsibility ”, he said.

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In that sense, he pointed out that they still have full confidence that this process, which will officially begin next Monday, will take place on the best terms, especially putting legality and transparency above all else.

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