“The last out has not fallen,” they affirm due to a pluri deputation fight between the PRI and PAN in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- “The last out has not fallen and they are not giving up,” said the president of the PAN In Sinaloa, Juan Carlos Estrada Vega placeholder image, when expressing that the fight continues to “overthrow” the local council assigned to the PRI Gloria Himelda Félix Niebla, because they are going to go to the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF).

He indicated that despite the resolution presented by the Regional Chamber of Guadalajara, where they do not give the approval to the deputation that National Action seeks due to the error in the application that the Council of the State Electoral Institute gave to the formula in the distribution of the charges of RP, specified that they will continue in the fight.

“As for yesterday’s resolution of the Guadalajara regional court, the sentence considers the concepts of grievance presented by the PAN and Claudia Singh to be well founded, so the coin is still in the air.”

“After analyzing said sentence, we have found that in relation to the state vote issued contemplated in article 27 of our Law on Electoral Institutions and Procedures of the State of Sinaloa, the Regional Court does not respect the legislative sovereignty of our state, and modifies the total votes that should be considered in regards to under and overrepresentation, he said.

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“Therefore, at this time, the legal area of ​​the State Steering Committee is working on the preparation of the appeal that will be filed before the highest electoral body, the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power, to continue defending our position. For this reason As long as the last out does not fall, we will continue fighting for one more space in Congress, “he concluded.

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