The Juan Domínguez Bridge, a vestige of the old desires of Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- At the end of the 19th century, the Ice Cream HillIn Mazatlan, it was an inaccessible area and the Mazatlecos yearned to go up to it to enjoy in a group the beautiful panoramic views that the most daring spoke of.

There was, at that time, only a complicated gap that led to the top. And even though there were many who proposed the construction of a public walkit was not until 1931 that the City Council gave the consent for it.

The engineers Jesús Ortega and Emilio Ochoa were then instructed to open a circular promenade, build a bridge and two tunnels. The work was inaugurated on July 12, 1935, but a cyclone in 1943 damaged it and it was later disabled as a promenade when the Claussen promenade was opened in 1956.

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Now it is as a mere vestige that arouses the curiosity of the tourists who look at it from the boardwalk.

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