The Iron Colt wants the pinnacle

Mandatory breaks have their pros and cons for clubs, as they help some to recover injured players or take pressure off, but for others the inactivity of a week could lower the good rhythm they took. In the case of Dorados, seeing no action, they could lose to the top.

Indeed, since on this eight date the Great Fish, which marches undefeated, had to rest; and if the Atlantean Iron Colts are able to beat the Celaya Bulls on Sunday, they will dawn on Monday as the new leader of the Expansion League.

The Atlanticists have 17 points. They are playing consistent soccer. In front of the horns they will act as locals and that is a more favorable point in their favor.
In such a way that the players, coaching staff and fans of Dorados will be giving the best vibes to Celaya so that they can take out the breed and can beat the Atlante in their pasture, so that the Great Fish does not fall from the place of honor that has belonged to it since that started the season.

YOU MUST TAKE CARE. The fact that the green light has been given for the soccer leagues to resume in Culiacán does not mean that the problem of covid-19, which has caused so much damage to humanity, is behind us.

None of that, the players who attend the different scenarios and, above all, where a greater number of people are concentrated, must continue to respect the health protocol.

It is very true that the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths have fallen in the state of Sinaloa, but it is not to throw the bells to the flight, because there is still, and good time, to completely eradicate this virus.

Another recommendation we make to the players and cheerleaders who attend the Sagarpa sports unit fields is that they avoid throwing the lids of beers or soft drinks inside the fields, to avoid accidents like the one Mario “Cachirul suffered last week ”Medina in a game of the Careada de los Jueves.

It turns out that Medina was carrying the La Garrita team and was shot and apparently a metal bottle cap fractured his finger.

Race, let us raise awareness and avoid throwing any kind of objects into the fields and thus avoid injuries like the one Medina suffered, to whom we sincerely send greetings and wish him a speedy recovery.

REFLECTION: The most perfect thing that life can be for man is that from time to time he has wonderful moments.

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