The hope! WHO member estimates that Covid-19 pandemic will end in March 2022

a control that could end the pandemic of Covid-19 in the world, could be observed in the month of March 2022, as stated by MarĂ­a Neira, director of the Department of Public Health and Environment of the World Health Organization.

However, he stressed that this control of infections and therefore of the coronavirus, it can only be a calendarable goal if you continue with the vaccination advance against Covid-19, as has been done to date.

In statements to the RAC1 station, the Asturian endocrinologist has recognized that the end of the pandemic “is increasingly notable”, but has recalled that it is necessary to take advantage of change the current life model so as not to make the same mistakes.

“Two years is a period that we set ourselves and it will surely be a reasonable time. If we begin to vaccinate at the speed that we have gone so far, we could see the exit from this tremendous situation even earlier,” said the Asturian doctor.

Neira believes that “the end is beginning to be more and more present, but when we come out of the pandemic we must take advantage to be better and not forget these lessons.”

“We must also take advantage so that this normality is an improvement in living conditions. We should review a little our ways of consumption, production and lifestyle so that our health is much more protected,” said the head of Health Public of the WHO.

Asked about the need to inoculate a third dose of the vaccine, Neira said: “We have asked for a kind of moratorium, to wait, at least, until next year, until we have more information and evidence and until a 40 percent One hundred of the world’s population can have a first dose. For us, the third dose, for now, can be postponed. “

“This does not mean – he has clarified – that if later the virus is endemic in the future there would be some vulnerable groups to which it could be put, but for now we postpone the third dose until it is more equitable. It is a strategy of collective protection” said the WHO member.

Regarding the vaccination of children under 12 years of age, he said that at the moment he does not see it necessary and that, with the return to school, it will be possible to assess whether this age group really poses a risk of infection or not.

On whether she is in favor of opening nightlife, as Madrid will do from Monday, Neira has not wanted to comment, although she has not opposed “as long as certain measures are followed.”

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“I would focus on the prevention measures that we know work. First vaccination. There will be many vaccinated people among the attendees. Then ventilation, because indoors is where there is the greatest risk of transmission, and then distance measures”, declared the director of the Department of Public Health and Environment of the World Health Organization.

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