The history, food and culture of Mexico, the greatest pride of Mexicans

Mexico.- Mexico has lived the roots of its indigenous culture, the armed struggles against Spain, France or the Mexican revolution; has been governed by kings and presidents like Benito Juárez, and that historical tour it is precisely a pride for most of its inhabitants, as well as its delicious food and its cultural traditions.

According to a survey carried out within the framework of the celebration of the Independence of Mexico, which is commemorated tonight, 43.81 percent of the population is proud of the history of Mexico and its roots, 18.47 percent of its food, 12.18 of its culture and 7.17 of its people. Also at 7.27 they are proud of its tourist places and at 5.30 the music.

In order to know the feelings of Mexicans in the framework of Independence Day, the Polígama polling house also asked How proud do you feel to be Mexican? 78.59 percent said they were very proud, 11.31 percent said something proud, while 4.28 percent and 5.81 percent said little and nothing proud, respectively.

We know that like Mexico there are not two and the majority of those surveyed agreed. When asked what they would do if they had the opportunity to live in another country, 46.17 percent said they would stay in Mexico, 36.21 percent said they would agree to leave but would eventually return, 7.47 percent said they would agree to leave and never return to live in Mexico and 10.15 percent said they do not know.


Some cities have announced that today at night the traditions of the Grito de Independencia will take place despite the Covid19. However, 57.46 percent of those interviewed said that national holidays should be canceled, 33.47 percent believed that they should be carried out but with few people, a minimum of 5.85 percent considered that they should be carried out without a limit of people and only 3.23 percent said they don’t know.

But, how do Mexicans usually celebrate Independence Day? According to the survey, 33.13 percent said that with a dinner with friends or family, 16.46 percent mentioned that they attend the shout organized by the local government, 10 percent with a party with friends or family and a minimum of 1.04 percent said they go on a trip. However, the vast majority, 39.38 percent, indicated that they do not do anything special.

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The survey was conducted on September 12, 2021 at different times. The type of sampling was by random selection of households. 1000 telephone surveys were conducted at the national level (Mexico) to men and women of legal age.

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