The head of Public Security in Sinaloa and the National Guard only take care of vaccines: lawyer

Sinaloa.- That the Department of Public Security in Sinaloa it is for a civilian person and that they do not win the agreements that the State has with the federal authorities, since in Sinaloa the military commands have not worked, said lawyer Ricardo Beltrán Verduzco, president of the Mexican Lawyers Alliance.

He assured that he is concerned that Rubén Rocha Moya I have not had contact with the lawyers to see this security issue and that without a doubt their union will make a proposal for the position of the Public Security Secretariat and the Prosecutor’s Office, in case the new governor of Sinaloa removes the prosecutor Juan José Ríos Estavillo, explained that who have expressed interest in this body Autonomous are José Luis Polo Palafox and Oscar Fidel González Mendivil, but there are many profiles in Sinaloa.

He indicated that the federal authorities in Sinaloa have not complied because the National Guard and the Mexican Army in this federal government they have been in charge of walking taking care of vaccines and cleaning spaces that are not their competence and have put aside the tasks that they must do, in previous years vaccination programs were carried out very well without being protected.

He also recalled that the past electoral process was the powers that be who operated and the electoral and state authorities were as decorative figures.

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He reproached that in this federal administration the municipal and state police officers who are the coadjuvants of the National Guard have been fractured and with the lack of support and equipment they are taking them to the slaughterhouse.

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