They need more than speeches. For the state president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), or what remains of him, Marco Aurelio Vásquez, the municipal president Jesús Estrada Ferreiro needs to go beyond the speech on the issue of the urgent review of commercial establishments in the First Picture of the capital city, where historical buildings predominate and others not so much, but more than 80 years old. The politician took the opportunity to demand an energetic hand, as promised by the mayor, in the investigation into the tragedy that took the life of a shoe store employee and left two other people injured. The demand refers to the need to investigate who gave the permission for the remodeling of the business next to the shoe store, since there is a possibility, they say, that these tasks have weakened the roof that collapsed, although it will have to be verified.

The first blows. From the commercial sector it emerged yesterday that the day after the tragic accident, the municipal Civil Protection area already closed the first businesses because its facilities represent a risk situation. And although the municipal official, Marco Antonio Martínez de Alba, was insisted to know the details of the closings, he did not release a pledge, what he did affirm is that they will work in coordination with the state PC. Just yesterday it emerged that the building of the accident is around 100 years old, because, according to the head of the INAH, it dates from 1920, which explains the weakness of its structure. For now, yesterday they continued working on propping up the site of the collapse to prevent other parts of the roof from falling, as it is a two-story construction and the authorities need to secure the area to carry out the investigation to determine the causes of the collapse and define responsibilities. .

Co-responsibility. It is a fact that the owners of the rental establishments in the First Table and other areas of the city should be the first to worry that the structures do not represent any risk for the occupants, followed by those who rent those spaces to set up sales businesses. Because only in this way could tragedies like this Monday be avoided. Of course, the authority must ensure that the above is fulfilled and, if not, act accordingly, but not wait until “the child drowned, plug the well”, as the saying goes, since the most affected are precisely the victims of tragedies. That is why yesterday the president of Canaco in the capital, Diego Castro Blanco, asked the authorities not only to be more energetic, but also more constant in the revisions to the structures of these businesses, since it is not possible to continue acting by inertia or consequence of such unfortunate tragedies as this Monday.

She hasn’t left the chair yet, but several want her. The governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya, has not yet uncovered all his files on the profiles that the Secretariats will occupy as of November 1 in Sinaloa, but yes, each time the “shooters” to occupy any of these positions move more, and among them there are those who already prowl the General Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Sinaloa, which is still occupied by ex-ombudsman Juan José Ríos Estavillo, who furthermore has a duty to the Sinaloans, he still has 2 and a half years left, although it is also almost a fact that the new Administration will agree with him his departure to leave the chair to someone akin to morenismo. Swear that.
The questionable thing is that the prosecutor has not yet left, and already the Ahomense Polo Palafox almost goes and sits in the chair to see if it fits. Another interested party, analysts say, is Óscar Fidel González Mendívil, who was already attorney general in Aguascalientes.

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