They promise a strong hand. So said the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, after the tragic collapse of a part of the roof in a central shoe store in the city, where, unfortunately, a worker lost her life and two more people were injured. Faced with the questioning of the media and with the adrenaline of the tragedy on top of it, the mayor warned that there will be a heavy hand in the inspection of these businesses, many of them with more than 80 years old. Even when questioned by reporters about whether there was a history of reviewing this collapsed construction and others by Civil Protection, the municipal president admitted that no: “they have never done it, we are not going to lie to anyone, neither right now nor before. It is necessary to do it and when we order it, there will be inconvenience. Very sorry”. But not only that, Estrada Ferreiro pointed out that in the First Picture there are very old farms to which “the owners make false facades, but they lack constant revision.” He assured that municipal Civil Protection and state PC will have to do this review, although he also assured that there is joint responsibility on the part of the owners of the establishments, before which he insisted that there will be a strong hand. We’ll see.

The mayor gets the paste into balls. Again the police tried to enter the City Council to demonstrate against the Administration of Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, who they pointed out to cut the amounts that due to seniority premium corresponds to them at the time of retirement. Only this time the mayor was prepared with agents who prevented the passage of the protesters, who ended up closing the passage of Obregón Avenue, which disrupted vehicular traffic and generated annoyance among citizens.

Point the other way, please. Yesterday, during a demonstration of squatters in the Government Palace, the group of invaders from Aguaruto, led by Marco Antonio García Espinoza, accused of alleged fraud by the head of the Housing Commission of the State of Sinaloa (CVIVE), Noé Heredia Ayón, He attacked reporters who covered the story, including that of this publishing house. Irresponsibly, the people incited by the questioned leader accused those who covered the note of tabloids and sold, indications that are not only as false as the promises of whoever led them to invade the property in Aguaruto, but also leave a very bad impression to this pseudo leader who, in the absence of support from the state government, tries to get even with those who open up spaces for them to demonstrate. With their attitudes, these people not only make mistakes in their remarks, they also miss their objective; better they should open their eyes wide and turn to the side, because right there you have those who are leading you on the wrong path.

There is still no water in Altata. It has been at least four weeks that residents and merchants of this Navolato receivership accumulate without water or with a tanked service, which has seriously complicated the supply of the vital liquid for domestic work and to attend to visitors, in the case of merchants. On the one hand, the mayor of the municipality, Eliazar Gutiérrez, has been reiterative in pointing out that the problem is due to the scarce culture of paying the water rate, which has made it difficult for Japan to pay for electricity, and this has led to in supply cuts in supply systems. The truth is that, in the midst of this situation, they pay just for sinners, that is, the malapagas take the punctuals between their feet. There are even those who maintain that the mayor has simulated power cuts or breakdowns in the pumping systems to see if the defaulters deign to pay. The situation is difficult for everyone, the truth is that many people from Navola are already anxious for the mayor to leave.

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