Watermelon traffic light. This is how Fernando Sandoval called the epidemiological traffic light in the state and in Culiacán, which is currently in yellow, the leader of section 53 of the National Union of Workers at the Service of Education (SNTE), as he said that when they put it in green, It does not necessarily mean a reduction in cases, but the reality is that the situation is like red on the inside, similar to a watermelon: “green on the outside and red on the inside”. With that analogy, the leader questioned the decisions of the state authority when allowing the partial return to face-to-face classes in the middle of the third wave of coronavirus infections. Even yesterday, during the announcement of a tribute to the teachers who have faced the pandemic, both deceased and survivors, he recalled that in so far this pandemic, more than 2 thousand members of the union have been infected, and of them 570 have passed away; He also assured that 376 education workers have been infected with covid-19 at the time of having been vaccinated, so he remained in the position of not resuming face-to-face classes in the schools that belong to his section.

What they do with their hands they collapse with their feet. Even though we have not left the risk phase of contagion of covid-19, the authorities themselves continue to promote scenarios and conditions for the swirling of citizens. On the one hand, yesterday hundreds of beneficiaries of the Benito Juárez Scholarship program coincided at the same time and in the same place, in the heart of the Obregón, in the facilities of Banco Bienestar to try to collect in a small space, where they only thought to attend 50, but about 5,000 beneficiaries came, including the elderly and disabled. It is impossible for people not to get infected under these conditions, when the logistics for these payments could have been improved. And the state government points in the same line, which tomorrow will carry out the traditional Cry of Independence from the Government Palace, but with 1,500 guests who will be on the esplanade, who will be transported by trucks from the popular colonies, supposedly with all the measures sanitary. Some officials have agreed, under the book, that they would have better saved the expense of around 350 thousand pesos and would have canceled the Scream, especially taking care of sanitary measures, since it is assumed that crowds should not be encouraged, that is how it is about Public spaces.

False expectations. A month and a half after President Andrés Manuel carried out the traditional morning from this city and there he promised that they would attend the case of Omar Ulises Arcos, the 23-year-old young man who, in search of a better future, tried to cross the United States, but on the way he was shot by the military and also accused of carrying a weapon for the exclusive use of the Army, it was all a mirage, because not only have they not helped him, but they have tried on several occasions to evict his mother from the Esplanade of the Zócalo in Mexico City, where he has already been looking for several months to be personally attended by the federal president, the same one who attended everyone during the campaign.

They eat their errand. A few days ago we recalled that most land invasions are encouraged by pseudo-leaders, by livelihoods who always seek their own benefit and, incidentally, for those close to them. Well, this is what happened in the territorial reserve owned by the state government in the Aguaruto area, where, according to the head of the Housing Commission of the State of Sinaloa, Noé Heredia Ayón, there is a leader who, in addition to doing business, is cheating to invaders, which under the law could classify as fraud. It is even expected that the state authority seeks to prosecute this person that they have already identified. But the unfortunate thing, said the official, is that many times those who end up assuming the problem are the people who really need a home, so the call is not to be fooled by living them and that, if they occupy a property, they go to dependence in charge.

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