The Glorieta

The mayor and his failed deals. Publicly, the mayor of Culiacán Jesús Estrada Ferreiro accepted that he paid the retirement premium to the leader of the Guerreros Unidos police officers so that he would desist from holding demonstrations. With this, the mayor acknowledges that he is solving the problems of those who become a pebble in his shoe in search of not having demonstrations in the City Hall and making people believe that everything is going well. What he did not count on is that the group of retired policemen became stronger and will continue to fight to get paid their retirement settlement to which they are entitled. With this, the mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro shows that he also acts in the dark. Although paying Ignacio Iván Durán was his obligation, as well as paying the rest of the policemen who are not responsible if the municipality has resources or not, these are issues that the mayor, being a good manager and administrator, must resolve. With the increase that he granted to the personnel of his trust and that most have had a gray performance, he could well be liquidating some police settlements. Also the first mayor of Culiacán brings a lot of courage against the leader of police widows, Andrea Félix, whom he has treated rudely in public and even called her ungrateful because according to him he helped her collect her pension, when she assures that he paid her and quite a bit for their fees. The bad relationship that police widows have with the mayor reached the ears of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who left Rubén Rocha Moya, governor-elect, the instruction to address this problem.

With the left foot. A large number of workers in the municipality of Navolato are already with job uncertainty, since they assure that according to statements made by the president-elect Margot Urrea, everyone who is from Morena will have to leave office. With this, the next mayor is starting with the left foot, since if she wants to have trusted personnel by her side, she is on her right, but she cannot start her administration by trampling on the labor rights of Navola residents, some of whom only have employment in the City Council to support their families. In addition, it will be necessary to see where he gets the money to liquidate so many workers. Hopefully this is just a misunderstanding, but according to several people from Navola to say it very seriously, there will undoubtedly be a lot to talk about in Navolato in the next administration, since now the citizens expect that being the Morenoist administration they will grant more resources to have better public services.

Corruption in hospitals. A very old problem that has not been eradicated in the hospitals of the state of Sinaloa are the alleged acts of corruption, abuse and excesses to base family members, friends and politicians recommended, with altered lists of seniority of doctors, nurses, orderlies and other staff. Instead of solving this serious issue, union leaders and officials of the Ministry of Health laugh at those who expose them, said the secretary general of Section 18 of the Union of Workers of the National Health System, Dr. José Luis Castro Montañez. This problem has already been reported to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but nothing has been done. While those recommended by politicians, influential people or those protected by union leaders are in many cases occupying positions without working properly, there are thousands of people who work with great dedication in hospitals with precarious wages, without benefits and without the hope of being Basified because as soon as there is a place available, they are put aside to accommodate those recommended and this practice should end now, but it seems very difficult because it is linked to politics and power. Many hospital personnel are also owed the covid-19 bonus, despite the fact that they have taken risks to serve the public, in this matter it has also been reported that recommended personnel despite not being on the first line received this benefit .


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