The future is here! Walmart and Ford launch self-drive car delivery service

United States .- Today, Wednesday, September 15, the companies Ford and Walmart announced the agreement they reached to launch a new home delivery service that will use autonomous vehicles.

The multinational companies specified that the project will start operating in Miami, Austin and Washington D.C, United States, and that could be materialized by the end of this year.

The driverless vehicles that Walmart will use to offer the service will be SUVs SUV Ford Escape hybrids, which will be equipped with the company’s autonomous driving technology Argo AI, which has been collaborating with Ford for some years and in which the American manufacturer has a stake along with Volkswagen.

Through a statement, the vice president of Walmart for home delivery, Tom Ward, assured that the supermarket corporate is “excited” by this effort it has made to extend autonomous service in the three US cities.

The executive highlighted that this service is intended to be able to take the products to the private homes of its customers “at unrivaled speed“.

On the other hand, the founder and CEO of Argo AI, Bryan Salesky, pointed out that the agreement in the materialization of the company’s perspective in “test and develop autonomous driving technology that operates in urban areas where customer demand is high. “

The agreement reached by the companies implies that Argo AI’s cloud-based infrastructure will be integrated with Walmart’s online shopping platform, this in order to record customer orders and schedule deliveries to homes.

For his part, the CEO of Ford’s autonomous vehicle business unit, Scott Griffith, considered the agreement with Walmart and Argo AI as “a significant step forward” to extend the scale of delivery of commercial products.

It is worth mentioning that both WalmartLike Ford and Argo AI they have pilot programs underway that involve driverless driving. One of them is the program established by the vehicle company with the chain of pizza Domino´s and Postmates They also offer home delivery of products.

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In addition, Ford and Argo AI have an agreement with the taxis Lift, whose purpose is to launch an autonomous service at the end of 2021 in the cities of Miami and Austin.

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