The forger gets ready to collect

  • He lent himself, signed the creepy initiative and quickly requested leave to receive his pay.

Although he aborted the unsavory attempt to reform the Constitution to prolong until 2028 the participation of the Armed forces in public security tasks, the deputy that was lent to strain as if it were “from the PRI” the initiative that in reality belongs to the morenista government, hasty, requested license in order to collect the bribe with which he will be rewarded for his embarrassing service.

Just yesterday in San Lázaro, some of her comrades spread the gossip that she will be awarded the presidency of the high Court of Justice of Durango (where she was already a magistrate).

Shepherded –like the rest of his former bench– by the questionable national “leader” ATAlexander Moreno, the lady was evidenced as a forger by the surprising announcement by President López Obrador, who openly revealed himself as the main interested party in the failed proposal:

“I am in favor of presenting the initiative and, even if it does not have the majority, in this case two thirds because it is a constitutional reform, after a while, after a period, I am going to present it again. As long as I am president, as I have the power to do so, present initiatives, I will continue to insist…”.

The inference is obvious: that he will present it again implies that he presented it before, and none other than the one that Yolanda de la Torre Valdez signed as “author” and PRI deputy has appeared before Congress.

To insist on his purpose, AMLO wields a very flimsy reasoning:

“I am going to continue insisting because I do not want the National Guard to end up like the Federal Police…”.

What do the GN and the PF have to do with their stubbornness about the undesirable extension of the term of the Armed Forces in the fight against crime?

Absolutely nothing:

With anti-constitutional patches to secondary laws, the GN was already attached to the Army because, as the president himself supposes, it ran the risk of being corrupted if it continued to be subordinated to the Civil Secretary of Security.

The extension to 2028 of the military powers in public security, on the other hand, imposes a reform like the one that died the day before yesterday, that is, constitutional, by the way, through the modification of a transitory article.

That means that a provision intended to govern in temporary situations would be modified.

If the Constitution establishes that public security corresponds to corporations and civil authorities but approves the temporary support of the military within a period that expires in 2024, the appropriate thing to do would be to eliminate such transitory plan.

Sharp and clear, the senator of the plural group Germán Martínez has an extreme example of what militarization means at any time:

Words more or words less, he says that it is like assuming that slavery is prohibited, but temporarily the Constitution itself allows or tolerates it.

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