The flag is raised at full mast in El Fuerte to commemorate the 211 years of the Independence of Mexico

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- With the flag at full mast, today in the Plaza de Armas in the Magic Town of El Fuerte, the 211th anniversary of the beginning of the fight that gave freedom and freedom is commemorated. Independence a Mexico, where according to history, “this movement (armed and social) had the objective of liberating our territory from the Spanish yoke and that, in every corner of the Colony, the concept of viceroyalty would be completely forgotten.”

Felipe Viera Pardo, Director of Education, was responsible for the coordination of this national event, where there was the participation of Professor Beatriz Martínez Serna, who attended on behalf of the Head of Regional Services in the municipality, also Professor Juan Carlos Armenta. For its part, the historical review was in charge of Denise Escalante from the Directorate of Social Action and Culture.

In his official speech, Professor Ramón Gámez Pacheco, Deputy Director of Education, highlighted the historical relevance of this event.

“The priest Hidalgo adopted independence ideals, which since 1808 were distributed throughout the territory of New Spain, participated in secret meetings where it had been agreed to take up arms until the month of December, but they were discovered by the viceregal authorities, that is why the armed uprising to the date we commemorate today, ”the municipal official stated in his speech.

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He also pointed out that for Mexicans this day represents not only a historical act, but also a reason to continue strengthening patriotism and love for our country, where we must continue to build a better nation for future generations.

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