The end of Romo’s career in MLB appears

EVERYTHING SEEMS indicate that Sergio Romo’s career in the Major Leagues came to an end. After playing for 15 years in the best baseball in the world, he received a devastating impact when the Seattle Mariners released him and designated him for assignment, the prelude to his final dismissal. The most famous Mechón of our ball, at 39 years old, is reluctant to save the spikes.

HIS CAREER It has been fascinating. Boasting three World Series rings with the San Francisco Giants, 2010, 2012 and 2014, the stars with this satisfaction are few. We don’t know if another MLB organization considers its experience and tools to get cars still relevant. You have to wait 10 days to see if they claim it again.

SINCE He started his career with the Giants, from 2008 to 2016, he maintained his class as a reliable closer. The Dodgers drafted him in 2017 and put up with him for a short time, because he was released for a stopover in Tampa Bay in 2018. His passage put him on track in 2019, where he shared credits with Florida and the Twins in 2020. There was still gas in the gas tank and he stopped at 2021 with Oakland and finished this year in Seattle.

DURING During this time, he reached 137 saves, with a 42-35 win-loss record, a 3.20 ERA, 810 appearances, five starters and in 2013 he was called up to the All-Star game. The greatness of him, the three World Series, which consolidated him as the star lock of the Majors. The Mexican-American, tattooed with the national flag, offered his quality in the Mexican Pacific League. First with Mexicali in the 2008-2009 edition and three more with Jalisco, from 2016 to 2019, a time that allowed him to achieve 15 saves, three losses without a victory, 2 home runs in 41 chapters. Now that he is free, it is possible that he will return to Mexico, especially with Monclova, where he did preseason this year, but left for Seattle. IN THE SAME way, the possibility opens to see him in the Mexicana del Pacífico with the current champions Charros de Jalisco, without fear that he will work conditioned. Guadalajarans like this situation, because it is likely that Roberto Osuna, who signed for baseball in Japan, will not return unless Chufito decides otherwise and reports late to the campaign. In any case, the trajectory of the native of Brawley has more than fulfilled in the Majors. In addition, he has the respect of the Mexican ball.

REPORT ARRIVES that Jonathan Aranda received a call from the big Tampa Bay team. The infield becomes the tenth Tijuana native to reach this gem, since 1993, when Benjamin Gil did it. He has belonged to the Yaquis of Ciudad Obregón in LAMP for five campaigns. Aranda, in triple A, left brilliant numbers, with .310, 11 home runs, 40 RBIs, in 63 games. He is 24 years old.

THE CANDIDATES to the Municipal Hall of Fame 2022 are still waiting for the call to be launched, which is already ready, only the signature of the new mayor, Juan de Dios Gámez, is missing. This is expected to happen in the course of this week. Time is short.

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