The emergency of services

The emergency of services. Conagua as well as Jumapam should be given the task of carrying out an exhaustive verification of the Los Horcones water treatment plant and the hydraulic channel that feeds it. AND

The equipment on which Mazatlán depends has shown to have a high vulnerability in cases of heavy rains. The rainfall caused by tropical storm Nora generated a general shortage throughout the city that until yesterday (11 days after the phenomenon) some Mazatlecos continue to suffer.

In popular neighborhoods such as Benito Juárez, Esperanza, Azteca, among others, water continues to be rationed due to scarcity, even though the manager of the agency considered the problem resolved since last Tuesday. It is urgent that the agencies make a diagnosis that foresee situations like these or more serious ones.

Political earthquake in Sinaloa. A tremendous surprise caused in the Morenoites of the capital of Sinaloa the confirmation that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made yesterday from the south of Sinaloa about the direct invitation to Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel so that once his term ends – on October 31 – join your team as the next ambassador of Mexico in Spain, news that ran at the speed of light, generating various reactions to its passage in the entity and nationally.

One of them was that of the mayor of Culiacán, Jesús Estrada Ferreiro, who claims to have contributed to the federal president’s appreciation for Quirino. He argued that it looks more like a showcase, since the criticisms that the mayor of the capital of Sinaloa have made against the PRI president are known by all, especially when he decided to suspend the Ceprofies.

Only this time, Estrada forgot that episode and preferred to say that he speaks highly of the governor before AMLO because he has been supporting him during his term. Of course, he said, “that he is a chambeador, he is a chambeador.”

Respect for the decision, but … Another voice that joined the support of this invitation is that of the Morenoist federal deputy, Merary Villegas Sánchez, who yesterday said she supports the president’s decision, because he more than anyone has the political pulse of the country and he knows what his Government and the Fourth Transformation project need, a project that, he said, is in the process of consolidation.

What he did warn is that, even if Ordaz Coppel joins the Morenoist federal government, his accounts will be reviewed and if he has to be held accountable, he will have to do so wherever he is. “This is not an impunity agreement,” said the legislator in reference to the invitation and the esteem that the president of Mexico has for the governor of Sinaloa.

The morenista was seconded by her partner also in the federal Chamber of Deputies, Yadira Santiago Marcos, who affirmed that one thing is that the governor has been invited, another that says yes and others that this represents a cloak of impunity for his administration .

And he also warned that his accounts will be audited and he will have to render accounts like everyone else, if any irregularity is detected, since he agreed with Merary that one of the principles of the Fourth Transformation is precisely accountability.

Away hypocrisies. The one who did not beat around the bush and recognized that, although he respects the president’s decision in having invited Quirino to join the Federal Government, he does not share it, was the federal legislator also from Morena, Juan Guadalupe Torres Navarro.

Perhaps the multi-member deputy should be reminded that it is not politically correct to contradict the highest political boss, because doing so runs the risk of a total freeze and that his passage through the Congress of the Union passes like that of many others, without pain or glory. .

It is not a matter of lowering your head or accepting impositions, but in these political struggles, it is better to grab your fang, lest you later need the favors of the governor and then yes, or how to do it.

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