The day that Julio César Chávez went into Pope John Paul II’s bathroom to get high on cocaine

Mexico.- In the life of Julio Cesar Chavez there are many moments in which the ex-boxer would have wanted not to commit, mainly due to health issues such as the addictions And it is that this situation took him to extremes, such as taking drugs where he could and however it was and thanks to a revelation from his brother it was learned that one of those places was nothing more and nothing less than vatican bathroom.

It was approximately in 1996 when Julio César Chávez took a boxing vacation and it was that he came from a series of complicated situations in his life such as the beginning in the world of drugs after the fight against “Macho” Camacho and then the defeat against Frankie Randall with whom he finished his 89-fight undefeated.

Just on those vacations the “Great Mexican Champion” decided to go visit the Pope Juan Pablo IIAnd he wanted to meet him, so he asked that their meeting be more personal and not just in a mass, he demanded that everything be done in order to visit the Vatican. This happened and hours later Julio César Chávez was already walking around the premises.

At that time his addictions were already a problem, there was no way to control it so he always carried some minimum amount with him to satisfy his desire but what he did not count on is that while visiting he would have the need to do it and with the help of his brother is that he even got to the bathroom.

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Rodolfo “Borrego” Chávez One of Julio’s brothers, who unfortunately a couple of years ago was murdered in Culiacán, was the one who revealed the story in a book called “Julio César Chávez: The True Story” (Pag: 158). There, the writer of the I book each of Julio’s actions on that occasion.

According to the story, Pope John Paul II thanked him for his visit and recognized him as his fan for the great fights he gave, even placing him as a representative of the utmost importance for Mexican sport, which he was but at that time already with his health issues he began to experience problems. His brother related that he asked the Pope to visit his bedroom to see where he slept and what that place was like since he had been impressed with what he had seen up to that moment.

Julio gave himself some time after the loss to Frankie Randall | Photo: Instagram Julio César Chávez

As time went by, Julio felt the need to get high and took out a little cocaine that he carries in a small paper, Julio entered the bathroom with the Pope’s permission and said “Excuse me, Diosito”, at which point he inhaled all the powder that he had carried away, after that he washed his hands and the area and pretended to use the bathroom so that they would not be suspicious.

After that he returned with the Pope and his companions to continue with the tour, in that way Julio César Chávez somehow perpetuated the place with a sin that to date has been indelible but about which he speaks little, but thanks to his brother got to know.

Just last Sunday, September 12, it was 29 years since Julio César Chávez first used drugs, it was on September 12, 1992 when he defeated “Macho” Camacho that started in the world that almost took his life many times. Today the ex-boxer says he is happy to also turn 12 years of being clean, an achievement that is also worth recognizing.

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