The “coyotes” lurk in the RAN

The lack of a delegate National Agrarian Registry (RAN) it is reflected in a tortuguismo, corruption and a constant failure of the internet that avoids carrying out the procedures, in which the “coyotes” those who charge, said the local deputy Ambrocio Chávez. Given this, they called for a solution to this series of anomalies soon, first with the appointment of the person in charge of the RAN in Sinaloa. He lamented that the delivery of land is delayed due to the lack of deeds to those displaced by the violence and all because there is no internet!

The president of the Confederation of Farmers Associations of the State of Sinaloa, Marte Vega Román, is feeding on information to have a solid base when the battle takes place and the lobbying of the budget for 2023 is fully avenged. That is why he met with the president of Proagro, Juan Carlos Cortés García, with whom he discussed the theme. Not only that, but also insurance, production costs and the future of the markets. It will be known whether with all the information that he provides to the federal deputies they pay attention to him, like others, to improve the budget in the field.

An approximate of 2 thousand 500 million cubic meters, above the storage of the dams last year, is what is available for irrigation this fall-winter in Sinaloa. However, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock promotes a campaign for saving and responsible use of irrigation water. Recently, the head of the agency, Jaime Montes, met with the members of the State Association of User Associations of Sinaloa State Irrigation, to whom he gave that assignment. The producers had other issues to discuss, but he cut them off: that they would be left for later, in order to integrate a shared agenda.

The producers of Walamo, El Roble, in Mazatlán, and Concordia ask Governor Rubén Rocha to implement an emerging plan to plant vegetables, such as chili and tomato. They recalled that last year the cutting season did not go well because of low prices. Another request is that it be supported with fertilizers and other products that have become more expensive this year. For example, what is needed to combat pests rose by up to two thousand pesos more for each one.

The National financial will increase by 15 percent the provision credits for the autumn-winter cycle in Guasave, assured the person in charge of said office, Jesús Medina García. The support this year will be 38 thousand pesos per hectare, while in 2021 it was only 24 thousand, although it recognizes that despite this increase, the resource is insufficient due to the high cost of inputs, as is the case of fertilizers.

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