The contrasts of the shrimp harvest

While in the north and south of Sinaloa the ban on shrimp in coastal fishing was lifted yesterday, the “gold of the sea”, the center of the state said no. Men of the sea united in different fishing cooperatives preferred to postpone the departure for two more days so as not to have to suffer from the neap tide and thus be able to continue preparing their small boats and fishing gear to achieve, they said, better results as of September 17.

They did not want to see each other like their colleagues in Guasave, where the first panga that returned did so with only 15 shrimp for the same reason, even though the fishermen went out for the crustacean from 04:00 hours. Here there were 650 boats that went to sea and although at times they also thought about autoveda for the same reason, they decided to continue seeing that other boats arrived with 5, 10, 12 and even 20 kilos of the crustacean.

Although not to raise the bells to the flight because of the tide, in the municipality of Ahome better catches were achieved, because only in the El Colorado fishing field the first panga that returned did so with 150 kilograms of shrimp, in Tolobampo they were achieved catches of between 80 and 100 kilos per panga, and in the south of the state, 30 to 60 kilograms were harvested. Thus, the panorama of the first day of shrimp capture in Sinaloa, a day that serves as an incentive for men and women to continue in the hard trade of fishing, one day translates into the reactivation of the family economy and its environment.

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