The Committee of Monuments and Artistic Works will decide which sculpture will replace Columbus: Sheinbaum

The Committee of Monuments and Artistic Works in Public Spaces of CDMX will be the one who decides with what the statue of Christopher Columbus in Paseo de la Reforma, according to the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum.

In a press conference, the head of the CDMX announced that in the roundabout the sculpture of Pedro Reyes, “Tlati ”, of whom“ it is very likely that part of his work is also exhibiting in parts of the city ”.

However, he did underline that, although it will not be the central government who decides what will be placed, it will continue to be the representation of an indigenous woman, after the avalanche of critics against “Tlali”, firstly because it lacks properly Olmec features, and secondly because it was not commissioned from an indigenous artist.

“So that there is no problem, that it is not the head of government who decides, because we put it, as established by the law and regulations, to the decision of this committee of what is going to go or what is the sculpture of the indigenous woman that is going to go in this space, “he said.

In turn, during the reception event of the 5,000 signatures of indigenous promoters requesting the withdrawal of Colón de Reforma, he said that said committee is made up of institutions from Mexico City and the federal government, such as the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), as well as historians and citizens.

While the architect Pedro Reyes, who was commissioned to make the sculpture of the head of an Olmec woman from 6.5 meters tall, Sheinbaum Pardo thanked the effort, as he said that “he took it as something fundamental.”

Regarding the height of Columbus

On the other hand, after he announced on Sunday September 5 that the statue of Christopher Columbus would be relocated to the America Park, in Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office, today Sheinbaum Pardo reiterated that it will be the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) who decides.

In this sense, he stressed that it will be soon when the federal institute announces the final location that the sculpture will have, which for several months was withdrawn for its intervention, from the pedestal that it occupied on the roundabout a couple of blocks from the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) federal.

While the announcement of the Head of Government on who will decide what will replace him, comes a day after it was announced that former President Felipe Calderón and his wife Margarita Zavala had signed the petition for to return to Colón to his roundabout.

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Said request, made to Sheinbaum Pardo through the internet page, had collected up to yesterday afternoon more than 19 thousand signatures, of the 25 thousand that it has as its goal.


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