The CIA fires a dog because she would rather play with children than be an agent

United States.- Lulu, a labrador retriever black, was the hope of the CIA when she joined the K9 class of 2017 for explosives detection, but it did not turn out what they expected, as she preferred to play before work, so she was fired.

Lulu At one and a half years old, she was one of six recruits selected to join the first female training 9, she was the smallest element, and they had high hopes for her.

During the training Lulu was one of the best, she learned to sniff the hand and detect the aroma of more than 20 thousand different explosive concoctions.

After finishing the training, the dog was paired with an assistant from the Fairgax County Police Department in Virginia City to undergo more advanced training for two and a half months.

But something changed in the dog, she was no longer motivated to do her job, despite the fact that she was rewarded with delicious rewards or free time.

The coaches hoped that this situation would improve after two days, but not like that, she was bored and uninterested in the training.

“When they were able to motivate her with food and play fetch, she was clearly not enjoying herself any longer. Our trainers’ main concern is the physical and mental well-being of our dogs, so they made the extremely difficult decision to do what is best for Lulu and leave her out of the program, “commented the CIA

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The coach who was in charge of Lulu He made a beautiful decision, which was to adopt her, enjoying his days playing with children, with his lab brother named Harry sniffing around rabbits and squirrels and eating food and snacks, it was without a doubt the right decision.


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