The “Chemist” forgets that thanks to the PAS he was a candidate and won reelection

Let the “Chemist” not forget. The leader of the Sinaloan Party marked his position. Melesio Cuen specified that the PAS councilors did not attend the meeting called by the reelected mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez, because at that meeting he was trying to impose Édgar González as the next secretary of the City Council. Proposal that was not agreed at all with the PAS. And because in addition, the Sinaloan Party has its own proposal for that position. This is Rafael Mendoza, former local deputy and recognized former official of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Cuen announced that he will seek a meeting with Luis Guillermo Benítez to analyze the issue. He recalled that the PAS was the one that proposed it and led the candidacy for mayor. And as in any other alliance, the conditions are sought to make a joint effort with proposals from both parties. The re-elected mayor forgets that to appoint the secretary of the City Council, treasurer and senior officer, he requires two-thirds of the council. And the PAS has five councilors. The message is clear. And regarding Benítez’s expression that Morena does not rule in Mazatlán … And much less the PAS, who is in charge of the people, the leader of the Sinaloense Party revoked him: “Then you have to propose names so that the people choose who they want from officials ”. In the vision of the “Chemist”, it is assumed as if it were “the people”.

“Chemical” Break -PAS? To understand. Luis Guillermo Benítez achieved re-election thanks to the PAS rescued him. Morena closed the doors on him. He denied registering him as a mayoral candidate for Mazatlán. And it was the Sinaloense Party that welcomed him, and as a party proposed him as a candidate, which was later joined by Morena. It is more than clear that the PAS saved him from being left out of the electoral contest. It is also clear that the PAS, with its vote, made the “Chemist” win, since many Morenistas in Mazatlán had already announced that they would not support him. What’s more, there was an exchange of votes. And others abstained from voting for mayor. The election was won. “El Químico” was re-elected as mayor. And the PAS feels, as is the reality, like the party that won. And there are the five regidurías that the Sinaloan Party will have in the next town hall. A train crash is ahead.

The different “Scream”. The celebration of the Cry of Independence was again very different from the traditional ones. The pandemic is the main reason. And in the case of the state governor, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, the connotation is twofold. It was his last “Scream” as governor. Yesterday he already said goodbye to this celebration. In Culiacán, as in the rest of the municipalities, the commemoration was held with a small public and few special guests.

A month and a half after the change. On October 31, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel will hand over the position to Governor-elect, Rubén Rocha Moya. A month and a half will be more than enough for Ordaz Coppel to make a tour that touches the 18 municipalities to thank citizens for their support. Also to conclude some of the works that are currently in process and about to be completed. It would be desirable that this “goodbye” tour would be done together by Ordaz Coppel and Rocha Moya. It would undoubtedly be an excellent message that civility prevails in Sinaloa and that the electoral contest is left behind. We will have to see the times of Rocha Moya. Because it is a matter of hours before he announces the formation of his cabinet. And that keeps him busy.


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