The change to Lucio Tarín is not surprising

As soon as he was aware After the fall of Lucio Antonio Tarín as executive coordinator of zone 01 of Cobaes, the president of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in Ahome, María de los Ángeles Valenzuela, celebrated it. She was inviting the next concentration that they do month after month, which this time will be tomorrow, with her position regarding the departure from Tarín. She had already denounced him at those rallies and now she wants to get that “triumph.” She focused on the one who leaves, but she did not say anything about the one who arrives, that she concentrates, together with her family, public positions in this Rochista government. There are some who celebrate Tarín’s departure, but there are others who regret it, considering him a good element, an asset to Morena. The cause is hardly known by those who made that decision.

Lucio Antonio Tarín he assumed a mature attitude after the decision to put him aside. He understood that this is how it is in public service, he was not surprised, like many others who were surprised by this movement. Tarín reached that position, the best paid of all of the State Government in the northern part of Sinaloa, after having “kicked” for not achieving Morena’s candidacy for mayor or another position. To control him, he was appointed coordinator in the northern zone of Sinaloa for the campaign of the then gubernatorial candidate Rubén Rocha Moya. After his triumph, it became known that he was the only insurance for a position in the governmental structure in the north. And so it was, but eight months later “the guillotine” arrived.

under the argument that they suggested and pressured him not to publish things about the president of the Sinaloa Federation of Lawyers, José Luis Polo Palafox, councilman Carlos Roberto Valle Saracho resigned from the coordination of the Sinaloense Party in the Ahomen council. He put in the balance and chose to exercise his freedom of expression. He made the decision to separate himself from the coordination of aldermen so as not to affect the PAS and vice versa. That yes, he stays as alderman, nothing else that happened to say which bench or if he stays as an independent. There was no shortage of people who commented that he did feel hurt by the “suggestions and pressures” because he had also asked for a license as alderman that came from the PAS, which he said was “external.” Others point out that this is a mere pretext to distance himself from Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda and go to shelter where several are settling. And he clarified that he did not betray or sell out. What he didn’t say is who suggested and pressured him. In the opinion of some out there it would have started.

The local deputy Ahome PRI member, Deisy Judith Ayala Valenzuela, presented another bill to reform the law. Due to initiatives, Ayala Valenzuela has not remained. She is now to reform the Law of Access to a Life Free of Violence. As she likes to communicate what she does, she said that it is in terms of empowerment, social, economic and individual development of women. She has already presented some in the Office of the Parties of the State Congress and in this she promised to be very aware of the legislative process. Let’s see when they approve the reform.

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