The budget lawsuit

With the “carrot and stick” policy on the part of the government, negotiations for the approval of the 2022 federal budget have already begun in the Federal Chamber of Deputies, in which the government initially announced that they are open to reassignments, and the The opposition, represented by the PRI Rubén Moreira and the PAN Jorge Romero, were also willing to negotiate and see nothing else the negative. The restitution of the disappeared Fonden (National Disaster Fund) is one of the strong conditions put by the opposition, because in general they agree with the proposal for an economic miscellany; Here in Sinaloa, Senator Mario Zamora declared himself in favor. In particular, it contemplates that the government part with its income by lowering zero-rate taxes on items for female menstruation and pet food, as well as a true fiscal simplification.

On the northern border, the government of the Fourth Transformation has already made important reductions by lowering the VAT, equal to that charged in California, Arizona and Texas, in the United States, and by lowering the price of fuel, which shows that well managed the money is enough.

Nor does it contemplate creating new taxes or increasing those that already exist; Of course, they are targeting large companies that bill more than a billion pesos a year and that use legal tricks to evade the treasury; They will charge you a flat rate of between 10 and 15 percent to prevent you from deducting everything.

In Sinaloa, in a few days, with the arrival of Rubén Rocha to the governorship, the government will be Morenist and, therefore, there will be no need for so-called leaders who are going to stand at the entrance of the legislature to demand more resources, to trying to block the approval of the budget, the deputies are also Morenists; But there are other states, especially those governed by PAN and MC, that will fight tooth and nail to get more money from the federation.

From what can be seen, with the overwhelming votes that Morenoism has obtained in the federal congress with the support of the PRI, and with the incorporation that AMLO makes to his government of governors Quirino Ordaz and Antonio Echevarría, the opposition practically occurs Due to being defeated and in a pragmatic political action, it prefers to negotiate and reject the path of confrontation that has not paid off. In addition, Morena has enough votes to approve the budget, it does not require making many concessions.

It is foreseen that morenism will give a quota of budget reallocations to win followers for the constitutional reforms that are coming.

Potpourri. A kind of “storm in a glass of water” has unleashed the news that Governor Quirino Ordaz will be ambassador to Spain, invited by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. It fell like a “bucket of cold water” to PAN and PRD members, and Jesús Zambrano of the PRD accuses that “they intend to destroy the opposition alliance”. The PRI members do not say anything, but they turn to like-minded columnists to disqualify him.

It is not a question of continuing with the disqualifications ”, Jorge Romero, federal deputy


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