The Brazilian vice president asks to use “force” to support Ukraine

The Brazilian Vice President, Hamilton Mouraostated this Thursday that “there has to be a uso of force, a support to Ukraineotherwise Russia could advance as Adolf Hitler’s Germany did in the 1930s.

“There has to be real use of force in support of Ukraine,” because “if the Western world just lets it fall to the ground, next will be Bulgaria, then the Baltic states and so on, like ‘hitlerist’ germany‘ did in the 1930s,” Mourao said, commenting on the Russian attack on Ukrainian territory.

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MouraoArmy Reserve General and who for months andis distanced from President Jair Bolsonaroclarified that it was just “his opinion” and that he was not speaking on behalf of the Government, which until now has only ruled on the conflict in a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In that statement, the Government of Brazil, a country that occupies a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, expressed its “serious concern” about the russian attack to Ukraine and called for an “immediate suspension of hostilities”.

The note added that Brazil defends “a start of negotiations that lead to a diplomatic solution to the issue, based on the Minsk agreements.”

That negotiation, according to the statement, must “take into account the legitimate security interests of all parties involved and the protection of the civilian population.”

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