The agricultural sector of San Ignacio, Sinaloa meets with the Asociación Fuerza Social por México

Sinaloa.- Yesterday, on the dance floor of the Coyotitán receivership, in the municipality of San Ignacio, Sinaloa, more than a hundred producers of the communities of the low areas such as Dimas, Piaxtla de Arriba and de Abajo, Duranguito, Limón de los Peraza, Ponce, Ixpalino, Camino Real and Palmarito.

This meeting was headed by Ramón Lucas Lizarraga, and was called by the elected councilor Concepción Cruz Astorga at the request of the producers.

There were several topics to be discussed, one of the most important being livestock health status, which is affecting the sector because they cannot market their livestock, which has caused more and more people to abandon this unprofitable activity.

Lucas Lizarraga, highlighted that San Ignacio is the largest producer of cattle in the state of Sinaloa, but ironically one of the poorest, adding that a few years ago the list of cattle ranchers in the state was 55 thousand and currently it is 22 thousand. which speaks of a total abandonment of the authorities to this sector.

He also pointed out that a list of needs of all the producers of the municipality will be made to be delivered to the next governor of the state. Rubén Rocha Moya, the first of next November.

The subject of the stalled project of the Ixpalino bypass, which if it were to be carried out would be of great benefit to the producers of that area.

He called to join the projects that are being carried out in favor of all, this he said without distinction of political parties.

He mentioned that just as the State Association of Irrigation Units, it will also be possible for all these projects to be formalized.

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Finally, he announced that in the coming days, women’s committees will be formed in all the communities, so that they can create a list of basic needs at home.

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