The 500 home runs and the Hall of Fame

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The question of the week…: In just days, we will be in the middle of the postseason. Which teams haven’t won the World Series?

The Answer…: Mariners, Padres, Rockies, Rangers, Rays and Brewers.

18 of the 28.- Of the 28 with 500 home runs, only 18 are in the Hall of Fame. The 10 that don’t, Barry Bonds, Álex Rodríguez, Albert Pujols, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Manny Ramírez, David Ortiz, Gary Sheffield, Miguel Cabrera.

Defensive disaster.- The Red Sox have 14 games to go to finish the season. And they have the Rays, Blue Jays and Yankees on top. They’re just over Orioles, and they’re 82-65. In addition to dozens of serious injuries and infected with coronavirus, they have played defense as if they did not know how to play it. They made 101 mistakes and scored 74 dirty runs. Only the Marlins have more mistakes and only the Diamondbacks have more dirty runs. In Boston, to wait until next year …


“Today you are younger, or less old, than you will be in the rest of your life” … La Pimpi.-


Misplaced Plesac.- Right starter Zack Plesac (Indians), has been quite useful in his three seasons, with a record of 22-13, 3.80, even now he is 10-5, 4-45. But the Indians have been hit and runless three times this year, and on those three times he has been the loser. That is to be where you should not be …
Home run infielders – The Braves have all four infielders this year with 25 or more home runs each, which has only happened once in the 151-year history of the major leagues. Atlanta’s infielder home runners this time, Freddie Freeman, first base, 30; Ozzie Albis, second baseman, 28; Austin Riley, third base, 29, and Dansby Swanson, shortstop, 26. The other chance was the 2008 Marlins, Mike Jacobs, first base, 32; Dan Uggla, second baseman, 32; Jorge Cantú, third baseman, 29; Hanley Ramirez, shortstop 33.

Manager Wishes.- Tony LaRussa, now manager of the White Sox, led the Cardinals until 2011, when he also left St. Louis Albert Pujols, for Anaheim. Now LaRussa has said he would like to see Pujols return to the Cardinals next year …


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