The 4T, with its back to the Cuban people

Deplorable: in the year 200 of the consummation of Independence, in the ceremony prior to the parade for the 211 anniversary of the beginning of the feat, the president of Cuba was not only distinguished as a special guest, but was allowed to speak with absolute shame , as if its governed lived, like us, in an emancipated country and not subject to a tyranny.

Opportunist, Miguel Díaz-Canel took advantage of the rancorous and late anti- Spanish and philomexic promptings of the 4T to praise the beautiful “land inhabited by the brave Aztecs” (according to some of his countrymen), “opening a fascinating door to that world of ours, much earlier to the terrible conquest that the Spanish troops began centuries later, with unbridled massacre and destruction… ”, omitting that they did not add more than a thousand adventurers recruited by Cortés, supported by around 100,000 indigenous people from other local nations who no longer They supported the iron and bloodthirsty Tenochca imperialism and were the decisive material authors of the conquest.

With his country chronically and successively dependent on Spain, the United States, the (extinct) Soviet Union and the “Bolivarian” Chavista-Madurista Venezuela, the inexplicable “special guest” referred to the “Mexican independence process” without confessing that he did not Cuba can boast.

“We will never forget that, thanks to the support of many Mexican friends, the yacht Granma set sail from Tuxpan, Veracruz, on November 25, 1956,” he said without lying. One of those was decisive: the retired Army captain Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios (to whom Fidel Castro was always grateful) who, being a policeman in the sinister and disappeared Federal Security Directorate, sympathized with the asylee revolutionaries who planned the overthrow of Fulgencio Bastista and , being able to avoid it, allowed them to leave.

“Nor do we forget that, just a few months after the historic triumph of the revolution, in 1959, General Lázaro Cárdenas visited us,” Díaz-Canel recalled, without clarifying that who he was talking about, unlike Castro, made sure that Mexico paid to foreign companies for the oil expropriation (and the population even contributed with jewels and chickens).

As expected, he insisted on the fallacious “criminal blockade” against Cuba (actually a trade embargo because the seized industries were never compensated), hiding that a good part of the food consumed in his country (mainly grains and chicken, as well as household electrical products) come from the United States, through an explainable and rigorous cash payment.

Unprecedented nonsense (never had a foreign boss fired on September 16), the distinction to Díaz-Canel (in July he gave the “combat order” against his opponents) is an ominous boost to the regime that imprisons its adversaries the same that those who have the audacity to trade with their neighbors a piece of cow, a sad hen or a fucking bunch of vegetables …

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