The 4T does not live on its actions; has made Mexico a disgrace, Loret de Mola criticizes AMLO

Mexico.- The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola and Brozo they attacked the government of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador ensuring that the Fourth Transformation “does not live on its actions” appealing to the custom that the head of the Federal Executive Power has of citing the past.

They accused that the purpose of the labor administration to constantly put on the table for discussion the narrative that highlights past times is “modify the story to adapt it to your present“.

In episode 32 of “Loret y Brozo” the portal “Latinus“, in the middle of a space that simulated a museum, alluding to the fact that said space represented what the federal government is, the driver of On the radio and the most famous alter ego of Víctor Trujillo pointed out that the current administration has no other option but to live in the past, since “if we go to action, it fails in everything, it has made the country a disgrace.”

“He lives by symbols, lives by this constant narrative of ‘we are in a cause’ and constantly brings historical references, even to Maximiliano’s vase, don Benito is not going to bother,” said Loret de Mola.

He accused that the type of “nonsense” that the Mexican maximum president exposes has the purpose of “hiding the reality” that the Mexican republic goes through in these governments during his government.

“We, all the people of Mexico are sponsors of López Obrador’s wet dream,” said Brozo, noting that the objective of the head of the Federal Executive in citing the past is to change history and be able to adapt it to the present that the president lives.

Columnist from The universal He assured that what President Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants is “his place in history” and that he be commemorated as national or revolutionary heroes.

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“Since he has been on the campaign, he imagines that on Mondays, in honor of the flag in the schools, the boy will be disguised as priest Hidalgo, and the boy with his Morelos scarf and the boy with his cock by López ObradorIn other words, he wants his place in history, “said Loret de Mola.

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