Terrifying! This is how the leg of a young woman was left after receiving a black widow bite (VIDEO)

Mexico.- Moments of anguish and uncertainty were experienced by a young woman who was bitten by a poisonous spiderbecause what he thought would be something insignificant, ended up causing necrosis in his leg.

The protagonist of this terrible story was Lizbeth, a young tiktoker who shared her experience on the short video social network, without expecting that her short film would go viral.

In the recording that already has more than 16 million reproductions, the young woman reported that, although she was aware that a spider had bitten her in the posterior region of her leg, a few centimeters from the ankle, she never thought that something would happen to her , until he noticed that the affected region was becoming neurotic.

In tik tok you can see how the injury from the black widow bite is initially seen as a mosquito bite, until a hole forms in the skin, because even a nearby tattoo partially disappears.

Although the black widow bite is quite painful due to the symptoms it produces such as muscle pain, nausea and paralysis of the diaphragm, it is rarely fatal, at least in adults, however, specialized care must be sought when this is suspected. or some other reptile or arachnid.

In another video published by the young woman, she revealed that fortunately “she did not die”, as she received medical attention and treatment, but despite this, the infection from the bite could not be stopped.

Given the intrigue caused by the first video, hundreds of users commented on the publication, many of them recounting their own experiences as well as those of their families, and there were even some who said they believed that being bitten by this spider had a time limit to be treated before dying.

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“That happened to my grandfather and they cut off his leg”, “How did you not become Spiderman?”, I thought that those spiders, if they stung you, you would die, “wrote some users.

This is how the leg of a young woman was left after receiving a black widow bite

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