TEPJF confirms the triumph of Layda Sansores as governor of Campeche

Mexico.- The Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), as it had advanced last week, resolved to approve the validity of the election to the governor of the state of Campeche and, at the same time, ratified Layda Sansores San Roman, as elected governor of said entity.

The foregoing after last August, Magistrate Janine Otálora presented a project that, obtaining the majority of the votes, ordered the total recount of the electoral packages in Campeche corresponding to the 2020-2021 electoral process, arguing that the number of Voided votes was greater than the difference between first and second place.

In the virtual session of this Tuesday, September 14, most of the members of the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF considered unfounded the proposals that sought to annul the electoral elections in said entity.

Although the dean magistrate’s project proposed the 18 cell overrideThis only modified, by subtracting votes, the number of votes that the candidates received, so the result did not change, since the Morena-PT alliance, which had Layda Sansores as nominated, continued to be the winner.

“I propose to declare nullity of the vote received in 18 boxes, to recompose the results of the diligence of the total recount of the election by the governor of Campeche, as well as to finish the final count of the election of governor of said federative entity which is favorable to the candidate of the coalition of the Morena and PT parties, with a total of 139 thousand 503 votes, ”said Otálora.

He made it clear that, in this case, it is inoperative to annul the entire election in Campeche, since the Movimiento Ciudadano party could not prove that during electoral day violations of the electoral process were committed, since they did not present evidence of the alleged false ballots or the intervention of officials in favor of Morena-PT.

The dean argued that the abolition of an electoral process should only be considered as the last measure to be implemented in the “administration of electoral justice,” this “due to the direct effect of the political-electoral right of the citizenry“.

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How were the final results in the election to the governor of Campeche?

Through your official account Twitter, Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón, presiding magistrate of the TEPJF, announced that, derived from the total vote count of the election to the governor of Campeche, only 18 thousand were canceled suffrages of 190 squares.

With this, the final results are as follows:

Layda Sansores (Morena-PT): 139 thousand 503 votes.

Eliseo Fernández, from the Citizen Movement: 133 thousand 627 votes.

Cristian Castro Bello, from PRI-PAN-PRD: 129,120 votes.

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