TEPJF confirms list of 16 local “pluris” deputies of Sinaloa

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Guadalajara Regional Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) confirmed the assignment of 16 councils by the principle of proportional representation (multi-member) carried out by the Electoral Institute of the State of Sinaloa (IEES), corresponding to 7 for the PRI, 5 for Morena, 2 for the PAN, 1 for the Citizen Movement and 1 for the Labor Party.

With this, the Sinaloa State Congress It will be made up of 23 women and 17 men after issuing the resolution of the citizen trials that were filed by Angélica Díaz Quiñonez of the Sinaloan Party; Claudia Singh, who ranked third on the multi-member list and was looking to “knock down” Gloria Himelda Félix Niebla.

To this is added the citizen trials of Omar Enrique Osuna Lizárraga, who was registered in position 10 of the PRI, and for Morena he was looking for a seat, Jesús Héctor Muñoz Escobar who was in place 6.

When analyzing the ruling on the assignment of deputations of proportional representation, the Plenary of the Regional Chamber determined that the revision of the limits of over representation is the initial element to establish who will participate in said process; in addition to that, the vote used in the acquisition of a deputation must be discounted and not used in subsequent phases.

Therefore, the magistrates considered that when developing, in full jurisdiction, the proportional representation formula provided for in the electoral regulations of the state of Sinaloa, the Regional Chamber modified the resolution of the person in charge, as well as the agreement of the State Electoral Institute, Just by looking at the procedure and confirming the assignments.

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List of multi-member local deputies:

  1. Giovanna Morachis Paperini (PAN)
  2. Adolfo Beltrán Corrales (PAN)
  3. Concepción Zazueta Castro (PRI)
  4. Ricardo Madrid Pérez (PRI)
  5. Cinthia Valenzuela Langarica (PRI)
  6. Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas (PRI)
  7. Deisy Judith Ayala Valenzuela (PRI)
  8. Luis Javier de la Rocha Zazueta (PRI)
  9. Gloria Himelda Félix Niebla (PRI)
  10. Maria Guadalupe Cazares Gallegos (PT)
  11. Celia Jáuregui Ibarra (MC)
  12. Gloria Urias Vega (Morena)
  13. José Manuel Luque Rojas (Brunette)
  14. Verónica Guadalupe Batiz Acosta (Brunette)
  15. Pedro Alonso Villegas Lobo (Brunette)
  16. Nela Rosiely Sánchez Sánchez (Brunette)


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