Tense environment in State Health

They say that the atmosphere is very tense inside the Ministry of Health, where Cuitláhuac González rules. And it is that since Monday that the governor Ruben Rocha Moya He warned that there would be several changes, especially in this dependency, everyone is uncertain about their immediate job future. This Tuesday, Sara Carmina Armenta Meneses assumed the direction of the General Hospital of Culiacán, taking over from Alfredo Avilés López. Meanwhile, the Deputy Director was assumed by Jesús Ramón Figueroa Vega. Each of them will make their own team changes and they say that makes many nervous.

It’s already the year of this rochista administration and the Hospital Integral del Valle del Carrizo continues in the same: without providing a specialized service. Since they came to power, they have been cackling that they are going to rehabilitate it, equip it, and hire more personnel to give first-rate care to the families of that region, but the days go by and nothing. it was with Hector Melesio Cuen Eyed as Secretary of State Health and it is with his replacement Cuitláhuac González. The last thing the inhabitants of that union knew was that there were bids and contracts, but it already rained on that.

Although the expansion of the Comprehensive Hospital of Sinaloa de Leyva has already been officially inaugurated, where an investment of 1.6 million pesos was applied, where they are still stuck is in the hiring of specialists. At the moment they have only been able to hire the anesthesiologist, but they also need a surgeon, a gynecologist and a traumatologist, the latter only for weekends, because of the more facilities they offer to health professionals, according to the hospital director Claudio Morales Rivera, these just don’t accept coming to the Sinaloa municipality to work.

Where things get ant-colored is at the Issste clinic in Mazatlan. Complaints rain down on this institution for its poor service, in addition to the fact that it lacks basic and specialty medications. On September 14, employees and right holders shouted to the sky because the institution leaves much to be desired and it seems that the management does not have a strategy to solve it. The users of the medical service made the call to the general director of the Issste, Pedro Zenteno, to take a look at Sinaloa and for the clinics to fulfill their function.

The collective Let’s Make Community of Angostura, directed by Noé Sendejas, set a clear example that when you want you can. The outcry was towards the Sanitary Jurisdiction number III, directed by Dr. Julio López Ramos, that in the schools an urgent fumigation against the fly was being carried out because a few days after returning he could not stand so much bite and the fear was to dengue and the only thing it said was that directors should request it in writing. However, the group took a tour with its own resources and began to fumigate to put an end to the mosquito problem.

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