Taliban will let women study as long as they follow their conditions

Afghanistan.- The new minister of higher education of Afghanistan, Abdul Baqi Haqqni, announced that the women will be able to study their university career up to a postgraduate degree as long as they meet the conditions of the Taliban.

It was this Sunday, September 12, that the Minister of Education announced the conditions that women must meet in order to study in Afghanistan, after the Taliban regime took control of the country.

According to Abdul Baqi Haqqni, women will be able to have access to higher education and even postgraduate degrees as long as they attend classrooms separated by gender and can only attend school in Islamic dress.

“We will not allow boys and girls to study together. We will not allow coeducation.”

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Upon entering the Taliban regime in Afghanistan they said that women will not receive the same treatment as 20 years ago, however, several restrictions such as sport have already been seen.


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