Talent! Eladio de Guasave sings, composes and now also acts in the cinema

Guasave, Sinaloa.- To be a singer-songwriter, composer and businessman, now the talented Eladio Flores Castro de Guasave ventures into the who, by receiving an invitation to sing the theme of a movie and also act in it.

El Loquillo del Rancho, artistic name of the 33-year-old young man, originally from the Potrerillos community, in the San Rafael syndicate, has managed to stand out in the musical field by positioning himself in the taste of the artists of the Mexican region and achieving that more than 300 letters of his authorship are recorded by the voices of exponents such as Julión Álvarez, Los Dos Carnales, El Coyote, Jorge Medina (former vocalist of the Limón Band) and other groups.

This year, songs that Los Recoditos, Alejandro Fernández and Edith Márquez recorded for him, as well as Colombian singers, are about to come to light.

It all began in his teens, on the ranch where he grew up with his parents, Eladio Flores and María Jesús Castro, as well as three brothers, Pablo, Adriana and Aarón, 11 years older than him.

His first contact with a musical instrument was when he was 14 years old, when he entered the choir, but his inspiration came from liking a young woman whom he wanted to impress, and that is how the first lyrics took shape, but it was until 2008 that he composed the first song he titled I’m jealous.

He combined his passion, which is music, with his studies; he created his first musical group, which he called Los Traviesos, and graduated as an industrial engineer.

He worked in a beer company with an international presence, later he recorded his first album in 2012, as an Inexplicable group, with 12 songs of his own.

While his inspiration continued to bear fruit by continuing to position his works in the artistic medium, he made the decision to go to Mazatlán in 2015 and formally began his career as a composer.

The talent, perseverance and tenacity of the native of Potrerillos prompted him to undertake and create the record company and publisher Fresco Sounds.

Fortunate to continue in what his dream is and with the attitude of continuing to achieve success, the singer-songwriter was happy to participate as an actor in the film Me nickname el Salado, produced by Juan Gallardo, which has a Colombian-style plot and is directed for the Latin market.

The story is based on a boxer who, from being in an environment of health and physical activation, deviates and goes to other paths, developing the plot.

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Proud of his origins and the upbringing he received on the ranch, and the education of his parents, he said he was ready to continue writing to love, friends and life, surrounded by people who add to him, inspire him and want to continue reaping successes, which he has shared on his social networks, on Instagram where he appears as @el_loquitodelrancho, and on Facebook he is as El Loquito Del Rancho.

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