Take care of safety! Sinaloa Civil Protection reviews business structures in Los Mochis

Sinaloa.- After the roof collapse from a shoe store in Culiacan where an employee lost her life, Civil protection of the state government in the northern zone, carried out an operation in the first square of the city of Los Mochis to review the structure of the businesses and guarantee the safety of both workers and customers who arrive at the establishment.

“Shops were visited where the structure may be older, they are spaces where it is seen that there is already some antiquity that requires some structural opinion, some supervision of a specialist, and we did find some that do not have structural opinions,” reported Omar Mendoza Silva .

The delegate of Civil Protection of the government of the state of Sinaloa, in the northern zone, commented that the majority that does comply with the internal programs of Civil Protection have the structural opinion, since it is an obligation of the companies to comply with the requirements to obtain a go-ahead from the state’s Civil Protection, however, there are others who have not.

“Yes, those internal programs with their opinions, both electrical and structural, have been mostly found, however there are others that did not comply.”

Sinaloa PC reviews business structures in Los Mochis | Photo: Courtesy

He explained that these businesses were asked to vent that part of the internal Civil Protection program.

“And in that relief come those points as annexes, comes the structural report, the electrical report, the gas report in the event that LP gas is handled, comes the civil liability policy, there is also the issue of fumigation and everything. which is for sanitary measures, in accordance with the new normal. “

He added that it is a set of actions of this tool that reduces the risks in the work centers and basically protects the assets of the employers themselves, as well as the lives of all the workers and people who visit them, and that is the intent of this inspection.

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“We are going to continue with these inspections in the coming days. To be more attentive in the shops, to be working together with the entrepreneurs themselves, it is not with the intention that they are spending as some may perceive it, but it is an investment issue. in security. Security is not negotiated. “

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