Taehyung most followed BTS member on Instagram who beat Angelina Jolie’s record

World.-After eight years of experience, the South Korean idols of BTS decided to open their individual Instagram accounts and, as expected, the news caused millions of fans of the group of K-Pop were present to follow the accounts of M, Jin, Jimin, Suga, V, J-Hope y Jungkook, Well, only minutes were enough for the boys to accumulate millions in the social network, surpassing the records of other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie y Jennifer Aniston.

Although only a few days have passed since the boys arrived on the social network of photos and videos, the truth is that the madness has not stopped, since the BTS they keep adding new followers.

Taehyung has recorded Angelina Jolie’s record

Although the seven members have added a large number of followers, the one who has stood out on the social network is Taehyung, known more by his stage name V because to date he has just over 21.7 million and increasing, surpassing the record of Angelina Jolie.

Well, it should be noted that the actress born in Los Angeles, California reached one million followers in an hour, while the Sweet Night interpreter reached that figure in just 40 minutes.

Similarly, BTS surpassed the time of Jennifer Aniston, the actress who played Rachel Green in Friends, who reached 10 million followers in about one day, while Taehyung did so in four hours.

Other of the records set by the singer in this social network, almost unexplored for them, is that of Billie Eilish when his publication received 1 million “likes” in just 4 minutes and also surpassed Lisa from BlackPink who was in approximately two hours added 5 million likes in one post.

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