Swimming in calm waters

For quite some time, a Dorados de Sinaloa has not been seen as a protagonist in its division, perhaps since the era of Diego Armando Maradona (RIP) where the squad from the capital of Sinaloa reached two Finals in the Ascenso MX consecutively, although in both fell to Atlético San Luis, but they left the team as an attractive and showy team.

We already know what happened later, when the Argentine star did not return to Culichis lands and a walk of strategists and players came who could not fill that gap that he left vacant, even with the new format in Mexican soccer, the follow-up and expectations diminished considerably things not only in Dorados, if not in all the clubs that now make up Liga de Expansión MX.

Last competition, under the benevolent competition system, the Big Fish managed to sneak into the Liguilla, where they fell in the first instance against Tepatitlán FC, a team that would ultimately be the champion of the silver circuit, so the performance of the Golden box left a bittersweet taste among its supporters.

A few weeks ago the Grita Mexico 2021 Tournament began in its Opening campaign, practically starting the football year in Mexico and where only an economic incentive is at stake as a prize for the champion, something that takes away a lot of emotion from sports but that, to Ultimately, the long pants accepted.

Now, having touched the previous point, the aspirations are reduced for the club in general, since there is no promotion to the first division, but regardless of that, Dorados has returned to the main planes and forms a roster of the most solid until the moment, qualities that put him as leaders until matchday 8.
Maintaining an undefeated label, with a perfect step at home and a harvest of 18 units, they place him at the top of the ranking, being the best collective offensive with 14 goals, half of them made by the duo made up of Paolo Yrizar (4) and Raúl Zúñiga (3), in addition to being the second best defense with only 4 points allowed.

There is still no opening for fans to return to the stands of Coloso del Humaya, but interest in the team has grown and expectations begin to increase, based on the numbers and the actions of the team that make it SWIM IN CALM WATERS.

How far will the team go? In a short time we will know.

We read soon…

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