Strong waves put man swimming on rocky beach in Mazatlán in DANGER

inaloa.- A man was rescued by elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad having entered the sea in a rocky area in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

The rescue report was made at approximately 1:45 p.m. where it was mentioned that a person had entered the sea in the vicinity where the Paseo del Centenario is located at the viewpoint known as “El Corazón”, and because it is a rocky area They were in trouble due to the swell that was registered at that time, so they asked for support to be able to help the bather.

Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad immediately went to the place to be able to rescue from the strong waves and to avoid that said extreme swimmer could suffer a mishap, who when the rescuers said that he presented various abrasions and fatigue.

Due to the type of injuries that were not serious and after being assessed, he did not need to be transferred to receive medical attention.

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The elements of the Aquatic Rescue Squad make a call to citizens to avoid entering the sea in risk areas such as this time that it is a rocky area with strong waves, as well as to verify the type of flags that are in the area of beach in and verify if it is suitable to be able to enter, especially to abide by the recommendations of the lifeguards, this in order to avoid any incident that could culminate in tragedy.

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