Storage of dams


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• In monitoring the storage of dams at the state level, they currently register 8,500 million cubic meters with 55% above their level of conservation capacity, with practically the same amount of water that they stored last year on the same date with a volume of 8,510 million cubic meters. Regarding the system of regional dams integrated by the Luis Donaldo Colosio, Miguel Hidalgo and Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez, they have a storage of 3,792 mm3, registering 58% of their conservation capacity, while last year to the same date there were 3,956 mm3. It is expected that in this month of September the northern zone can reach and exceed the storage records of last year to the same date.

• According to the monthly Supply and Demand report prepared by the USDA, corn had a bearish result due to the estimate of the world harvest of this cereal for the next cycle 2021/22 of 1,198 million tons (MDT), above of the 1,186 MDT projected last year. Meanwhile, countries like the United States, China and Argentina raised their production forecasts by 6, 5 and 2 million tons respectively, increasing world corn inventories by 13 million tons to 297.30 million tons. The current price for the Sinaloa crop for the next cycle, future July / 22, without bases, is $ 209.05 / ton.

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• Regarding wheat, in the Supply and Demand report, the USDA projects the world wheat harvest for 2021/22 at 780 million tons, up from the 777 million of the August estimate. Final cereal stocks worldwide are forecast at 283 million tons compared to 279 last month and 292 million in the previous cycle. Wheat production in the United States remains at the same levels of 46 million tons, so the market behaved slightly bearish. The current price for the Sinaloa harvest for the next cycle, future July / 22, without bases, is $ 253.43 dollars / ton.


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