“Stop!”; Episcopate of Mexico asks the government to rethink security strategy

Mexico.- The Conference of the Mexican Episcopate called on Thursday the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to rethink the security strategy, so that protection in the country is guaranteed. This after a few days ago two Jesuit priests were murdered in the town of Cerocahui, Chihuahua.

It was through a statement that the Catholic Church spoke out with concern at the growing violence in the country, which has added the loss of thousands of innocent lives. Which in turn has affected the development of daily life hitting the productive activities of different sectors.

They also lamented the death of the two Jesuit priests in Cerocahui, Chihuahua, a fact that they mentioned, “is nothing more than one more example of the lack of values ​​and sensitivity that has been reached.

The Episcopate recalled that according to official figures, “you speak to us of almost 122, a thousand murders at the hands of criminals for almost three and a half years.”

“We want to express our closeness and solidarity with all the victims, beyond our political or social differences, recognizing that we are all brothers. We want to join the thousands of voices of citizens of good will who can put a stop to this situation. Enough is enough! We cannot be indifferent or oblivious to what is affecting us all”, mentions the Episcopate in the letter.

Due to the above, they extended a call to the Federal Government at the different levels of government so that, in accordance with what was taken up in the Senate of the Republic, the security strategies that are failing are reviewed.

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“It is time to listen to citizens, to the voices of thousands of relatives of the victims, of the murdered and disappeared, to the police forces mistreated by crime. It is time to listen… to the complaints of the media, political forces and civil society. We believe that it is not useful to deny reality and neither blame past times for what we have to solve now.

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