Stellar speaker

On the afternoon of September 16, 1863 in Mazatlán, during the anniversary of national Independence, a stellar speaker, Ignacio Ramírez, El Nigromante, used his virile word to express in the main square his fear of the proximity of the French invaders: “ The nation that claims to be the most civilized in the world is teaching us that justice and progress and brotherhood among all peoples, do not go beyond a miserable chimera; Let us take advantage of his lessons, let us consecrate our faith to God of utility and our arms to God of strength; but preserving, like Hidalgo, our love for the country, let us seek our salvation, our aggrandizement and our glory in the fighting ”.

His powerful and beautiful word was shedding in the limpid space of the Mazatlan sky, on that beautiful afternoon in September. The assembled people, enraptured, listened to his verb that hammered the wind and spread to all confines. With his enormous knowledge of the history of Mexico, the ancient Mexican heroes and the figures of Hidalgo and Morelos passed his lips and he still had time to lash out at the imperialist countries. He recalled with joy the soldiers that General Plácido Vega took to Mexico City at the beginning of the year. A huge applause bounced off the Olas Altas and rose to the immensity of the beautiful Mazatlan blue space.

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