SS Edomex requests support to find Adriana Inés, a missing nurse in Valle de Chalco

Adriana Ines Vidalis a 30-year-old nurse, who was seen for the last time by her colleagues at the end of her shift in the hospital. Star Medical Hospitallocated in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City.

The mother of two daughters returned home normally, in the municipality of Chalco ValleyState of Mexico, where her partner reported seeing her go to a meeting whose location she does not know, aboard a taxi from the Uber application.

Despite the strange situation and not returning home, it was until this Wednesday that her husband decided to report the disappearance to the Mexican authorities, who issued a search bulletin.

“The husband comments that he goes out to a meeting and takes an Uber and that was the last time he saw her… Her husband did not take any plates or anything and until just yesterday he reported the disappearance,” comments a relative of Adriana.

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In social networks, his relatives shared the search file, after his partner denounced his absence until today, so there are still no ministerial inquiries, nor have they checked the security cameras in the area.

If you have seen or know anything about the whereabouts of Adriana Inés Vidal, her family would appreciate it if you would contact the numbers 800 89 029 40 y 722 283 20 12.

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